The KV Team

Our Kingdom Team of Servant Capitalists.

We are a community of Kingdom entrepreneurs and investors co-laboring to create a parallel economy through resilient enterprise.

In 2021, a seasoned business executive had the vision to do God’s will by launching thousands of ventures in a short period of time. Both ‘serving the least of these’ and advancing The Great Commission’ would be blessed by thousands of enterprises rooted in The Gospel. That business executive was Rob Monster, who is also known as Chairman of Epik Holdings, and the message was contagious. A seasoned team of business executives gathered to co-labor and God’s favor began surfacing in extraordinarily relevant ventures.

Rob Monster

The Kingdom Companies Executive Chairman is best know as Founder and CEO of Epik Holdings. Following God’s promptings, Rob assembled a portfolio of tech companies that now provide much of the resilient infrastructure of the Kingdom Companies including Kingdom Nation and Kingdom Ventures. God’s hand on Epik resulted in an unmatched portfolio of end-to-end technology solutions for sustaining digital presence, come hell or higher water. For most of Epik’s history, Rob funded its rapid growth from cash flow while becoming home to most of America’s largest free-speech platforms using a cash efficient crawl-walk-run-fly approach.

Jim Rogers

A fellow Servant Capitalist, Jim has worked for some of the world’s largest technology companies, including IBM, Compaq, HP and Canon, as well as consulting thousands of early-stage ventures. His 35+ years of experience is built atop a lifelong foundation in Christ. Jim co-creates the Kingdom Ventures platform connecting kingdom-minded capital with kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and strategic partners.

John W. James III

John has spent his 30 year career creating products that motivate people and move products. He has been blessed to work as a consultant for some of the largest companies in the world such as GM, Ford, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Aon. His entrepreneurial spirit is infectious and has led him to starting multiple companies. He brings his experience and enthusiasm to each new entrepreneur or investor introduction. Being a Servant Capitalist for Kingdom Ventures is the realization of many life-long aspirations to leverage his experience to build His Kingdom.

Shane Boudreau

Shane has over 2 decades of finance and M&A focus with an emphasis of entrepreneurship. He has built scaled and sold multiple companies from green tech to AI/ML. Consulted with fortune 500 and 100 companies and several notable VC firms. Raised hundreds of millions for various entities in addition to his quant fund which is now being utilized by one of the largest trading firms for their UHNW clients. Along his walk Shane realized there must be more to life and business, after a few medical incidents, he chose to focus his skills on building companies and funds that exalt the Kingdom of God and help bring America back to Him.

Ken Cauley

Ken is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wide array of professional experiences and accomplishments. Starting his journey at an early age, Ken has built, scaled and sold multiple companies across a number of industries including video games, media and publishing, internet advertising, television entertainment, private equity and other financial and management consulting services. Along the way, Ken has been recognized both locally and nationally with various professional awards from media, industry peers and partners. Having been blessed with and through numerous successes, failures and life experiences, Ken has centered his sight on Christ and pledged his remaining years to using his time, talent and resources for the overall strength and growth of God’s Kingdom.

Gerald Duran

Gerald is a 6x serial entrepreneur driven by faith, purpose, freedom and the Kingdom of God. He has over three decades experience launching, growing and exiting multiple tech ventures. His teams have landed numerous times on the INC 500 and the Deloitte Top Technology 50. He is know for being the pioneer of the software coding camp industry, and more recently as the Founder of a global entrepreneur accelerator and venture turnaround firm.

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