For entrepreneurs who choose to govern their businesses according to Kingdom principles.

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For entrepreneurs who choose to govern their businesses according to Kingdom principles, this will often mean operating without traditional practices for budget and forecast, particularly at the early stage. We recognize that in a rapidly changing environment, adaptability and resiliency are essential.

The tremendous success of YCombinator as an investment model is also an inspiration for the Kingdom Ventures investment community. However, conservative entrepreneurs have sometimes found that their values and views are less welcome in Silicon Valley where God is all but dead.

Our solution? Eat the meat. Spit out the bones.

Our model is decentralized. Our reach is worldwide. Regardless of where a Kingdom entrepreneur is located, our fast-growing network of Kingdom investors is looking forward to learning about Kingdom ventures, and will seek to serve through inspired counsel as well as both stage-appropriate financial and human capital.


In deciding which Kingdom entrepreneur to empower, for a Kingdom investor, the exact idea or business plan is less important than what the entrepreneur is bringing in terms of character, competence, calling and capacity.

The mature Christian exhibits the fruit of the spirit (as described in Galatians 5:22-23) as the consecrated servant is governed by the Holy Spirit at all times. Pure character is refined through sanctification (as in Romans 6).


God gives everyone a gift. While the supernatural gifts of the spirit (as in 1 Corinthians 12) may come and go, the core areas of personal and professional aptitude likely maintain or increase as the Christian grows in grace.


When God saves you, He also often calls you. The exact calling may not be immediately apparent. But for the mature Christian, the calling will be increasingly obvious. It often aligns with character and competence.


When God calls you, He also often supplies you to fulfill your calling. The called servant, operating on the narrow path, will see their steps ordered and needs supplied in the same way as manna was supplied to the Israelites

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