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Kingdom Ventures -A Different Type of Venture Capital Firm
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Welcome to Kingdom Venture Partners

We are a Different Type of Venture Capital Firm

We are a different type of venture capital firm. We are focused on experienced management, value creation, market penetration, sustainable margins, barriers to entry, competitive advantage, cost containment, revenue growth and profitable exits the same as other vc's, but we believe in a leveraged bottom line.

Most VC's invest in the head and the grey matter between the ears—an entrepreneur’s or team’s education, knowledge, track record, intellect and experience—plus their chemistry as a team and with the VC. Those attributes and characteristics are important to us as well but Kingdom Venture Partners looks for wholistic opportunities and management teams where there is integration between the head and the heart, not just one or the other. So we are equally concerned about what is in the heart as well as in the head because we believe that when we invest, we are investing in the whole company with all of its assets and liabilities, and not just one part or dimension of it. We add a layer of due diligence which we call Spiritual Due Diligence™.  (Click for White Paper)

We Believe

We believe it is possible to invest in companies that not only raise the standard of living and redefine the standard of excellence in their industry or sector, but that also raise the standard of ethics and values in their cities, communities, regions and states.

We believe it is possible and desirable for companies and venture funds to have a multiple bottom line that encompasses social, spiritual and relationship capital as well as economic capital. We believe that God is at work in the venture capital and private equity industry and arena just as He is in every other sector and field of human endeavor, enterprise and activity.

We look for exponential growth potential rather than incremental growth. (Click for White Paper)  We believe capital is a scarce commodity and that not every business deserves to be funded by professional investors. We also believe there is a distinct difference between knowledge and wisdom, and that both are required to succeed in business. We believe in prayer and fasting and divine favor. We believe in miracles but prefer to walk in blessings. We value leadership, vision, integrity, teamwork, intelligence, creativity, hard work, candor, communication, and the ability to focus on the bottom line and meet deadlines, milestones and budgets.

Unlocking Storehouses  (Click for White Paper)

The concept of a storehouse means a place of storage for the purpose of gathering surplus or extra, to have more than enough for your own need. Synonyms for storehouses are barns, granaries, storerooms, treasuries, foundations, businesses, stocks and bank accounts. God builds for scale, for more than enough. When He made water, he didn’t just use a bucket or a sink or a water cooler or a water tower; he made the seas. When God looks at a mountain range, he sees more than majesty and grandeur and beauty. He sees what is underneath the mountains and inside the mountains—minerals like gold and silver and platinum and oil and gas and coal and copper and uranium. And God sees what is on top of the mountains—snow—which can be used for recreation or for water in the spring when it melts.

Mankind is created in the image of God, and since God is a storehouse and God owns storehouses, both in heaven and on earth, then we are to be storehouses and to own storehouses in heaven and on earth. Just as Joseph at age 30 oversaw the royal storehouses (granaries) in Egypt, and through that position impacted the nations of the world, there are modern day storehouses like Amazon, Amgen, Chick-Fil-A, eBay, Google, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Mannatech, Microsoft, Oracle, Wal-Mart Stores, Yahoo, and others where God has raised up wise men and women to rule and/or to stand next to a Pharaoh, Cyrus, Cleopatra, or Queen of Sheba. Similarly, we look for emerging growth companies that have the potential to become storehouses, and we help founders, management teams, CEOs, and Boards unlock their storehouse. The Kings of old—for example, Egypt, Israel and Judah—had storehouse cities. Today national governments and multinational corporations have storehouse cities—military bases, nuclear arsenals, federal mints, gold reserves, raw materials, factories and manufacturing plants, etc.

Our Vision

Our investment sweet spot is $500,000 to $5,000,000 per portfolio company and we typically target Series A, B or C rounds of investment. Accordingly, we prefer valuations at or below $10,000,000 to $20,000,000. We prefer equity investments but will consider secured bridge financings and convertible debentures. We are willing to lead smaller rounds or on occasion be the sole investor in deals but also look to syndicate larger rounds with other investment firms from our network. Because of the depth of our Advisory Boards, we will consider investments in almost any industry, so we are opportunistic and strategic in our investing. We prefer to be approached through our networks from someone we already know and trust rather than receiving "cold calls" or "over the transom" emails or deliveries, and we expect most if not all of our investments to be from referrals by our network. We admire confidence, courage and boldness but detest arrogance, pride and inflated egos. (Click for White Paper)

We prefer to invest with serial entrepreneurs and management teams that have "been there, done that" before and with companies where the founders and management have "skin in the game" and where some level of revenues and market validation are present. And we look for God-sized ventures. Is there room for God to work or move or act in your business or is everything neatly wrapped up in a box with a bow on it with all the answers in place? If you are still reading, then you may be a potential candidate for Kingdom Venture Partners.

Do You Have a Kingdom Storehouse?

If so, please contact us. We want to hear from you.

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